Creating your trail

Avid cycling tourists already know how the points-nœuds bike network in the Province of Liège works. You can plan your own route using our interactive map.

Create your itinerary by selecting a starting point, then continue to select points-nœuds by simply clicking on the numbers until you reach the desired destination. The number of kilometres involved will be displayed automatically. You can also ask the planner to suggest a custom itinerary using the ‘Surprise me’ feature (the gift icon on the right).
When your route is complete, click on ‘Done’ to print one of the detailed maps available to you, which range from simple one-page maps to much more comprehensive maps that span several pages. This tool will become your travel companion for planning all of your cycle routes and excursions. Cycle tourism has never been so easy!

Road conditions and accessibility

Solid lines = paved roads
Dotted lines = unpaved or stone roads
The coloured areas on the map provide details about the accessibility of the section in question:
  • Red areas signal roadworks or areas that are temporarily inaccessible (hunting, flooding, local events, etc.)
  • Green areas refer to the accessibility of trails depending on opening hours
Click on the red or green field and you will receive information about the period for which the section is out of service and any detours that are in place.
When you are planning your itinerary, the numbering will automatically be adjusted based on these areas, so that you can bypass sections that are out of service.
To view closures on a specific date, please click on the ⚠ hazard icon at the top of the map.


You can view the elevation changes of your route. After planning your itinerary by selecting the points-nœuds to follow, click on ‘ Ready’. You must accept the conditions of use and then click on ‘Height profile’. This will be displayed below the points-nœuds map.

NodeMapp Bike app

You can also export your itinerary to the NodeMapp Bike app.
Note: the app does not allow you to view closed or inaccessible sections! You must create your route on our website using your smartphone or computer and then export it to the app.

The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.
© FTPL-Patrice Fagnoul