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Our node network is constantly growing

Follow the development of the node cycle-tourism network in the province of Liège. With 1,700 kilometers, a large part of the region is already covered and various itineraries are available. You can already cycle freely, with or without a map, thanks to this ingenious system! Cycle tourism has never been so easy!
The Province of Liège Points-nœuds Cycle Tourism network is developed by the Province of Liège Tourism Federation with the support of the Infrastructure & Environment Department.
Ultimately, there are plans for between 2,000 and 2,500 kilometers of routes and adventures.
  • RAVeL network - Vennbahn
  • RAVeL network - Ourthe
  • RAVeL network
  • RAVeL network
  • RAVeL network

“RAVeL” network

The Réseau Autonome des Voies Lentes (RAVeL) network in Wallonia spans more than 1,440 kilometers, including  several hundred kilometers in the province of Liège = routes reserved for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, and individuals with reduced mobility!
These specially developed routes are interconnected to form no fewer than...
  • four international itineraries
  • eight regional itineraries
  • 47 local itineraries
They cover the entire Walloon territory and are intended for cycle tourism.
The RAVeL network, green routes, and cycle routes allow you to discover large cities, rural areas, and preserved natural areas!
Comfortable and safe, the RAVeL network comprises green routes that are primarily developed on towpaths and former railway lines. These marked itineraries are perfect for your family outings and  walks, cycling excursions, horse rides, or rollerskating.
In Wallonia, the itineraries have a direction sign on a green background (the background was formerly blue).

This signage displays user logos that showcase who the route is intended for: pedestrians, cyclists, or even horse riders. It also includes information about distant and nearby destinations, along with the distances and the direction to follow. Below the sign, a marker or panel identifies the number or logo of the regional or international itinerary taken (“9” and “Vennbahn”, for example). It also includes the RAVeL logoand the name of the component of this RAVeL, namely the name of the former railway line (“Line 48”) or the waterway being followed.

“Cantons de l’Est – Vélotour network”

Did you already notice the presence of several types of signs while biking around Eastbelgium? No worries!
Major signage work is currently underway on the "VéloTour" network. Among the 850 km of existing bike paths, some sections will be modified. Little by little, the new green and white signposts on the provincial network are replacing the former Vélotour ones (see illustration below). As a result, some numbers will also change.
Remember to check your route before you set off by way of the route planner or by contacting the Eastbelgian Tourism Agency under +32 (0)80/22.76.64.

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5 EuroVelo routes cross Belgium: routes 3, 4, 5, 12 and 19, for a total of 1140 km. In Wallonia, routes 3, 5 and 19 mostly follow the RAVeL networks. The province of Liège is thus crossed over a large part of its territory by these routes 3 and 19.
  • EuroVelo 3
  • EuroVelo 3
  • EuroVelo 3
  • EuroVelo 3
  • EuroVelo 3
  • EuroVelo 3
  • EuroVelo 3
EuroVelo 3 "Pilgrims' Cycle Route"
From Trondheim (Sweden) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Leaving Germany near Aachen, the Pilgrim's Cycle Route will take you to the Fiery City of Liège, passing through the symbolic setting of the "Three Borders" where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands intersect. After about 10 km, you reach the RAVeL 38 to encounter the groves of the Pays de Herve, a lush and luminous landscape. After leaving the city of Liège, you may follow the RAVeL of the river Meuse and then the Sambre. This route provides you with an insight into the vast historical heritage linked to the river and the post-industrial era of the two valleys, and shows you the cultural diversity of Wallonia in cities such as Namur and Charleroi.

  • EuroVelo 19
  • EuroVelo 19
  • EuroVelo 19
  • EuroVelo 19
EuroVelo 19 "The Meuse Cycle Route"
From the plateau of Langres (France) to Rotterdam (Netherlands)

The landscape of river Meuse is marked by spectacular rocky walls at the top of which major buildings of our heritage are perched. In Dinant, the citadel dominates the characteristic onion dome of its church. An impressive fortress overlooks Namur, the capital of Wallonia, at the confluence of the Meuse and the Sambre rivers. Further downstream, you can visit the forts of Huy and Liège, the "fiery City" with its monumental new railway station designed by the famous architect Calatrava. After passing the town of Visé, you have the choice of continuing on the east bank or discovering Belgian Limburg along the charming west bank of the Meuse.

  • The UNESCO Route - Spa
  • The UNESCO Route - Blegny-Mine
  • The UNESCO Route - Malmundarium
  • The UNESCO Route - Hoëgne Valley
  • The UNESCO Route - Raeren Castle
  • The UNESCO Route - Vennbahn - RAVeL Line 48

The UNESCO Route

This cycle itinerary allows you to discover Walloon and Liège heritage! This 500 km long route, divided into 11 stages, 4 of which are located in the province of Liège, allows you to discover at your own pace the heritage and cultural wealth of Wallonia. Admire the exceptional places along the route that are on the World Heritage List. These sites, privileged witnesses of the influences of the past, will reveal their history to you.

From the city of Tournai, in the direct vicinity of France, to the Colliery heritage centre of Blegny-Mine, at the gateway to the Netherlands, the UNESCO route takes you through Wallonia by bike! Appreciate the peculiarities of each region you pass through and admire the varied landscapes offered by the plains of Hainaut, the banks of the Meuse, the hills of the Condroz or the secret valleys of the Ardennes.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, and whether you want to combine sport and culture and spend a pleasant time with your family, this route will meet all your expectations. You will be able to complete a section of a stage, one or more stages or the entire route according to your own wishes and desires.