Balade des Poiriers

  • Peer trees route - Banks of the Meuse
  • Peer trees route - Center of Visé
  • Peer trees route - Direction Mortroux
  • Peer trees route - Blegny-Mine
  • Peer trees route - City of Visé
  • Peer trees route - Orchard Aubin-Neufchâteau
Clockwise loop route

Level: sporty
Distance: 30 km
Proposed starting point: Quai des Fermettes, 4600 Visé
Node points: pear sign - 420 - 421 - 422 - 4 - 11 - pear sign
Points of interest: Visé town centre, banks of the Meuse, orchards of Aubin-Neufchâteau, Mortroux, the old Dalhem, Blegny-Mine

Discover the banks of the Meuse river, the orchards of Aubin-Neufchâteau, the historic villages of Mortroux and Dalhem, as well as the Blegny-Mine colliery recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site... 

This cycle tour is not yet fully provided with node point signs, but given the scenic and tourist interest, we already wanted to share it with you. In case of one or several missing node numbers on site, you simply need to follow the "pear" markings.