The fort tour

  • Cycling and hiking tours - The fort tour -  Fort Lantin
  • Cycling and hiking tours - The fort tour -  Fort Loncin
  • Cycling and hiking tours - The fort tour -  Fort Loncin
Cycling and hiking tours - The fort tour -  Fort LantinCycling and hiking tours - The fort tour -  Fort LoncinCycling and hiking tours - The fort tour -  Fort Loncin
Are you passionate about history? Then this bike excursion is for you!
Starting from junction 46, take line 31 of the RAVeL network to junction 67. Then, pedal through the fields to reach Fort Lantin. Built in 1886 at the Belgian government's initiative, Fort Lantin is the only fortified position in Liège that has not been changed since 1914. It is one of the last traces of military archaeology from the late 19th century.

If you want to combine visits and cycling, a performance trail will take you on a discovery of life in a fort during this period.

Next, head towards junction 62 and Waroux Castle. The castle, which can be recognised from a distance from its thin and elegant spire, is at the entrance to Hesbaye and is also its highest point (elevation of 182 metres). Listed as Exceptional Heritage of Wallonia, Waroux Castle is now open to the public, in particular for the major exhibitions that are organised there. When there are no exhibitions on, the castle can be visited by groups, but only with a reservation.

The last stop before returning to the starting point is Fort Loncin. Considered as the symbol of the Battle of Liège and Belgium's heroism in the face of Germany's attack in 1914, Fort Loncin is still an exceptional memorial site today, as it has been preserved in its state of destruction from World War I.
You can visit the fort and the museum.

It is also possible to combine visits to both forts. Groups are offered an inclusive price of €20 with a tour of the two forts and lunch at Fort Lantin.
For fans of ‘slow tourism’, you can catch the train to Liers and follow the junction network: 69 → 68 → 67 → 62 → 45 → 46 → 66 → 67 → 68 → 69 (21.3 kilometres).
- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
Nodes to follow46 → 66 → 67 → 62 → 45 → 46
  • Difficulty :
    • Easy
  • Height variation :
    • 64 m
  • Distance :
    • 20 kms
  • Departure :
    • Lieu de départ Ans