Extension of the points-nœuds cycle network

On his journey from Paris to Aachen, Victor Hugo passed through the Vesdre Valley and concluded that it was “the most delightful valley in the world, sometimes a ravine, often a garden, always a paradise”.

The points-nœuds cycle network is set to expand in the Vesdre Valley, and a first step has recently been taken with the signposting of a route between the Gileppe Dam and Grünhaut Wood in Bilstain, passing through the historic village of Limbourg.

The medium-term aim is to extend the network to Jalhay, Baelen, Verviers, Stembert and Heusy.
Be warned, though, that this hilly paradise is not without its constraints: to cycle it from Limbourg, perched on its rock, you’ll need strong calves or an electrically-assisted bike... While the province’s cycle network is designed to be accessible to all, with as many gentle gradients as possible, our hilly Ardennes do make a few exceptions to this principle. 

We have three new rides starting from the ‘Hors-les-Portes’ car park in Limbourg:

3. Entre-Vesdre-et-Meuse

This 64-kilometre loop is also reserved for very fit cyclists or electric bike riders. Starting from the tourist car park in the town of Limbourg, head for the village of Clermont-sur-Berwinne, then continue towards Aubel through the hedged farmland and take Line 38 to Hombourg.

After passing through the lovely Hees woods and the villages of Baelen and Membach, a completely different landscape awaits you: the Hertogenwald Forest and the Gileppe Dam.