Mehaigne et Burdinale

  • Mehaigne and Burdinale - Moulin de Ferrières
  • Mehaigne and Burdinale
  • Mehaigne and Burdinale - Domaine de l'Hirondelle
  • Mehaigne and Burdinale - Château de Moha
  • Mehaigne and Burdinale - Moulin de Ferrières

Clockwise loop

Intermediate level
: 25 km
Proposed starting point: Moha, Place Galloy
Junctions: 38 – 85 – 87 – 83 – 82 – 75 – 76 – 37 – 38

The loop covers a large distance between the agriculture plains, the very steep Burdinale valley and the wooded valley of the Mehaigne river. The path through the limestone valley of the Mehaigne river, between Huccorgne and the castle of Moha, unveils wonders like the rock of Marquise or the Roche aux Corneilles. It also showcases three tourist and heritage sites: the castle of Moha, the Moulin de Ferrière and the Hirondelle campground.
This loop is very hilly and quite physically demanding. However, the dirt roads are well maintained.