Momalle-Val du Geer

  • Momalle-Val du Geer - Chemin campagnard - Oreye
  • Momalle-Val du Geer - Le Roua - Otrange
  • Momalle-Val du Geer -Pommiers - Lens-sur-Geer
  • Momalle-Val du Geer
  • Momalle-Val du Geer -Chapelle du Frenay - Lens-sur-Geer

Anti-clockwise loop

Level: family
Length: 19 km
Proposed starting point: Place de l’Église in Momalle
Junctions: 56 – 57 – 54 – 53 – 52 – 55 – 56

This bucolic path focuses on the preserved village centres, with their old square farms, churches with fortified bell towers and chapels sheltered by secular trees. While the lowlands offer ample panoramas over the villages, the valleys of Geer and Yerne assume an almost wooded look with their colourful hedges and forested areas.
This walk should be enjoyed with a picnic, in order to make the most of the pleasant and peaceful squares in these serene villages.