The points-nœud cycle tourism network in Liège Province covers 1,674 km and has 9,592 signposts. Signpost installation continues…

In 2023, we put forward new ideas for cycle circuits – or not – which take one or more days, sometimes combining bike and train for those who wish to try out the formula.
We have also published a new tool online, a points-nœud planner enabling users to devise their own personal route. This planner also shows all the path, route and track closures due to hunting, construction works, etc.

NEW FEATURE! You can also export your itinerary to the NodeMapp Bike app. Please note, the app doesn’t allow you to view closed or inaccessible sections!
It’s essential that you create your route on our website via your smartphone or computer then export it to the app.



In 2024, we’ll be resuming our drive to expand the network! This also includes the signposting work in consultation with the municipalities. For the next three to five years, our aim is to signpost the entire province and thereby multiply the connections with the provinces and border regions.
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In concrete terms, here are our priorities this year in terms of signposting:
  • Completion of the Bike Tour network upgrade Areas concerned: Saint-Vith, Burg-Reuland, Bullange, Raeren, Eupen and Baelen.
  • Signposting between Jalhay and Baelen in the Pays de Vesdre Tourist Office area (the only TO not signposted to date). Areas concerned: Limbourg, Baelen and the heights of Verviers (Heusy and Stembert).
  • Upgrade of signposting in Bassenge (signs have become illegible), Juprelle, Ans and Awans with a view to a connection with Belgian Limbourg.
  • Connections with Namur province in the ‘Hannut-Wasseiges’ then ‘Huy-Marchin-Clavier’ areas
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QR Code

A NEW FEATURE this year! We’re adding a QR Code to the signposts, to ensure that users can contact us more easily when they want to report a problem in the network or with the condition of the signposts.

Our aim in 2024, will also be to ensure more contact with users in order to maintain the network.


On track

As a reminder, within the framework of the #Develop mission that we’ve been engaged in for over ten years – most often alongside SPI (regional development agency for Liège province), CITW+ (Wallonia Tourism Engineering Centre), CGT (General Tourism Commission) and the municipalities – The Tourism Federation has initiated major projects such as the development of a river shuttle service on the Liège Meuse; funding the renovation of duckboard in the High Fens; the creation of the future ‘Ardent Trail Center’ (25 km dedicated to mountain-biking) and the creation of a network of signposted points-nœud routes for cycle tourists.
© FTPL-Patrice Fagnoul