Vélo Tour network update

The Eastern Cantons are pioneers when it comes to cycling signposting, thanks to the Vélo Tour Hohes Venn-Eifel network launched almost 20 years ago. This network comprises 850 km of cycle routes criss-crossing the nine German-speaking municipalities and the neighbouring areas of a number of French-speaking municipalities in the Verviers district.

In collaboration with the Agence du Tourisme des Cantons de l’Est, the Vélo Tour network is gradually being updated by Liège Province.

Recently, 65 km of routes in Eupen and Raeren were revised, with the Vélo Tour signposts replaced by the signposts with which you are all familiar.

We invite you to discover this beautiful wooded region on two new medium-difficulty rides:
Photos credits: Ostbelgien.eu - FTPL-Audrey Köttgen